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My junk drawer. Various things I've played with in various states.
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applescript Calendar script fixups.
appscript Return the amount of stuff removed so mail works
arduino Start with a non-wrapping low
autoconf Autoconf modules I've made.
c Cleaner C API and insides for MSP
d Don't need boolean back from waitForConn -- it throws on failure
dtrace Print out syscall stats every 10s.
eagle Added digikey attributes
eiffel Getting rid of the old arch snip config.
erlang Removed more arch junk
fxscript Added my current final cut filters. New-files: =README BlockTransitio…
haskell Euler 48
io updating to work with latest Io (20110905)
java Removed more arch junk
js Trying to write an efficient du for drive.
launchd Changed permissions on my launchd things.
lisp elisp port of humanize bytes
mixal/misc Moving the stuff up a directory
objc Removed NatCheck from snippets.
ocaml Some LRU bug fixes.
perl Getting rid of the old arch snip config.
pov Added the animation config as an .ini
python Simplify the selection with a maybeint() function + comprehension
r Notes on motor testing
ruby Access linux sysinfo via http
scheme Removed more arch junk
scotty Getting rid of the old arch snip config.
sh Removing some old work junk
sketchup Added my ramp sketchup document.
sql Getting rid of the old arch snip config.
tcl Getting rid of the old arch snip config.
.gitignore Ignore eagle board and schema backups
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