A bot which responds to issues of any repositories.
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Building a Git Issue Bot on Hasura

This tutorial consists of a quickstart github bot which can be easily deployed and modified.

This bot encourages a user when he/she opens a new issue and also it encourages the collaborator who closes the issue. This can be used to manage a good online environment on github.


Opening an issue Closing an issue

API used

Github API client by Philip Schatz


Getting the bot running

Create a new Github account for your bot

  • Navigate to https://github.com

  • Choose sign-up and follow procedures to create a new account and password.

  • Now login back to your main account (Do not forget this step)

  • Head over to the Settings page, click on Developer settings, head over to Github Apps from side bar and click on new Github App. githubapp

  • Fill the details such as Homepage url(Optional but you give me a few credits too) and webhook url. The webhook url is https://bot.yourclustername.hasura-app.io/webhook. Webhook

  • Scroll down to Permissions and choose Read and write for Issues. Permission

  • Scroll more and subscribe to Issue events. Subscribe

  • Then click on Save

  • Now click on Install Tab on sidebar and click on install, this will add this app to all repositories of the main user. Install

Getting the Hasura project

$ hasura quickstart dvk/git-issue-bot
$ cd slack-horoscope-bot
# Add Github credentials to hasura secrets. 
$hasura secrets update username.key  <Your bot account username>
$ hasura secrets update password.key <Your bot account password>
# Deploy
$ git add . && git commit -m "Deployment commit"
$ git push hasura master

Viewing bot in action

Just create an issue or close and issue, you will see the bot in action.

Congratulations you have succesfully deployed the slack horoscope bot.

Modifying the bot

Head over to microservices/bot/src/ And start editing server.js Soon enough you will have your node js slack bot ready

Happy Developing :) Divyanshu Kumar


If you happen to get stuck anywhere, feel free to mail me at divyanshukumarg@gmail.com. Also, if you find a bug or an issue, you can raise an issue here