A Rubygem. Operate on the working copy of a (remote) Subversion (svn) repository. Utilizes the Subversion Ruby Bindings, exposing their functionality in a simplified way.
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Operate on the working copy of a (remote) Subversion (svn) repository.


Version 0.0.6


require 'svn_wc'

svn_wc = SvnWc::RepoAccess.new

svn_wc.set_conf 'svn_wc_conf.yaml'

# checkout, needed first time only, 
# 'true',  force overwrite of working copy directory path
svn_wc.do_checkout true

file = Tempfile.new('test_', svn_wc.svn_repo_working_copy).path


  svn_wc.add file

  rev = svn_wc.commit file

  puts "svn committed file: #{file}, revision #{rev}"

rescue SvnWc::RepoAccessError, Exception => e

  raise e.message



This library is designed to operate on a working copy (on the local file system) of a remote Subversion repository.

Currently, it provides very basic svn functions (see FEATURES) driven programmatically. It uses the Subversion Ruby Bindings to utilize/expose their functionality in a simplified way.

It does not do any sort of repository administration type operations, just working directory repository management.


  • Programatic access to the following:

  • Current supported operations

    • open

    • checkout/co

    • list/ls

    • update/up

    • commit/ci

    • status/stat

    • diff

    • info

    • add

    • revert

    • delete

    • svn+ssh is our primary connection use case, however can connect to, and operate on a (local) file:/// URI as well


  • Requires that the Subversion (SWIG) Ruby Bindings are installed.

    (which could be as easy as)
    Redhat and Fedora: yum install subversion-ruby
    Ubuntu and Debian: apt-get install libsvn-ruby
    OS X
    sudo port install subversion-rubybindings
  • Ruby 1.8.6 (not tested with previous, or later versions, should work anywhere the ruby bindings are installed)


This library is intended to be installed as a Gem. (hosted on gemcutter.org)

($ gem source -a http://gemcutter.org - no longer needed)

 $ gem install svn_wc


This library was written to be the back end for a web app GUI front end. (Currently in progress)

This serverfault post describes what I was looking for and what I am trying to satisfy with the (Front End) Application:

"I want a web interface to manage a WORKING COPY of a repository (NOT the repository itself). 
There are lots of already made tools to manage the repository, but I also have not found a 
single one to manage a remote working copy.  I need a user-friendly interface to perform stuff like:
"svn status", "svn info", "svn commit", "svn update", "svn revert",
"svn add", "svn delete"  and "svn diff"... upon a WORKING COPY which resides
in a remote host.  (I'm not interested in the repository, I'm interested in the WORKING COPY
I don't want to do SSH login and perform these commands. I want to enable
not-advanced users to do some stuff in the hosted working copy, using a
web interface,...


Provide the svn connection info upon initializaion. (One can also provide the path to a conf file. See 'svn_wc_conf.yaml')

ruby code

require 'svn_wc'

yconf = Hash.new
yconf['svn_user']              = 'test_user'
yconf['svn_pass']              = 'test_pass'
yconf['svn_repo_master']       = 'svn+ssh://www.example.com/svn_repository'
yconf['svn_repo_working_copy'] = '/opt/svn_repo'

# 'do_checkout' is only needed until the local repository exists. (i.e. usually first time run only)
# 'force' will plow over anything that may exist at the path.
# i.e. if you ask for a do_checkout without force and the local repo exists, the call will fail

svn = SvnWc::RepoAccess.new(YAML::dump(yconf), do_checkout=true, force=true)

puts svn.svn_repo_master       # 'svn+ssh://www.example.com/svn_repository'
puts svn.svn_user              # 'test_user'
puts svn.svn_pass              # 'test_pass'
puts svn.svn_repo_working_copy # '/opt/svn_repo'

info = svn.info                # another way
puts info[:root_url]           # 'svn+ssh://www.example.com/svn_repository'

file = Tempfile.new('tmp', svn.svn_repo_working_copy).path
# SvnWc::RepoAccess' generic exeception class (the only one, raised for all exceptions)
rescue SvnWc::RepoAccessError => e
  puts e.message.match(/is not under version control/)

svn.add file

puts svn.commit file               # returns the revision number of the commit

puts svn.status file               # ' ' empty string, file is current

File.open(file, 'a') {|f| f.write('adding this to file.')}

puts svn.status(file)[0][:status]  # 'M' (modified)
# or, whole repo, multiple entries
svn_wc.status.each do |entries|
  puts "#{entries[:status]}\t#{entries[:path]}"

puts svn.info(file)[:rev]          # current revision of file
svn_wc.info(file).each_key do |entries|
  puts entries[:rev]
  puts entries[:last_changed_author]
  puts entries[:last_changed_rev]

puts svn.diff(file)                # =~ 'adding this to file.'

svn.revert file
svn.commit file                    # -1 i.e commit failed, file is current

svn.delete file
svn.commit file                    # must commit our delete

(In general, the above operations also accept a list (array) in place of a single file)

See test/* for more examples.


  • An exception such as

    SvnWc::RepoAccessError  => 
    'Add Failed: /tmp/buildd/subversion-1.6.3dfsg/subversion/libsvn_wc/lock.c:572:
    Svn::Error::WcNotDirectory: '/path/to/repository' is not a working copy (RuntimeError)'

    means there is no working directory where you have specified there is one, you need to do a 'do_checkout' i.e. svn = SvnWc::RepoAccess.new('conf.yaml', do_checkout=true, force=true)

  • All the exceptions received using this module should be SvnWc::RepoAccessError which produce a (hopefully helpful) message, which is usually just the underlying exception returned from the Ruby SWIG library


  • In order to make use of this module, one must provide connection information for svn

    One can provide this as a hash at Runtime, or as a configuration file:

    # conf file (YAML)
    $ cat svnwc_conf.yaml 
    # svn connection info
    #svn_repo_master       : file:///tmp/svnrepo
    svn_repo_master        : svn+ssh://example.com/opt/svnrepo
    svn_repo_working_copy  : /usr/local/svn/repo_root
    svn_user               : svn_test_user
    svn_pass               : svn_test_pass
    svn_repo_config_path   : /opt/config
    # conf info
    yconf = Hash.new
    yconf['svn_user']              = 'test_user'
    yconf['svn_pass']              = 'test_pass'
    yconf['svn_repo_master']       = 'svn+ssh://www.example.com/svn_repository'
    yconf['svn_repo_working_copy'] = '/opt/svn_repo'
    svn = SvnWc::RepoAccess.new YAML::dump(yconf)
  • This library should work anywhere that the 'subversion-rubybindings' are installed (.*NIX systems,…)


require 'yaml'
require 'pathname'
require 'find'
require 'svn/core'
require 'svn/client'
require 'svn/wc'
require 'svn/repos'
require 'svn/info'
require 'svn/error'


none known of


This library currently provides only very basic svn operations, more work is needed if more functionality is desired. i.e. propset/propget, specific revisions operations, etc


ri 'svn_wc'


See the ChangeLog file for details.


Copyright 2010 David Wright (david_v_wright@yahoo.com), all rights reserved.

SvnWc::RepoAccess 0.0.5 is released under the LGPL license.



David Wright <david_v_wright@yahoo.com>


  • Ruby (SWIG) SVN bindings, ruby+svn, ruby, subversion, svn, rubysvn, Subversion extensions in Ruby


  • Much of this code was guided from reading the SVN Ruby Bindings unit tests

  • Doxygen Docs Ruby -> Svn::Wc::Entry Doxygen Docs -> svn_wc_entry

    The collab.net Docs/code seem to have moved to being hosted by Apache: or can view here: (I cant seem to find the Doxyogen docs anymore) Ruby SWIG Code or can view here: Ruby SWIG Code

  • Tim Coulter did some work with the Ruby bindings as well

  • “Perl Best Practices” (Conway), module documentation guidelines.


  • There is no Ruby specific documentation on the Ruby Bindings SWIG library, there are the Doxygen docs only.

  • Explanation/Intention

    My use case scenario is a svn working copy on the local file system
    communicating with a remote SVN repository, as such, I can not make use of any
    of the 'Svn::Fs' module functionality, which is unfortunate.  Mainly, I rely
    on the 'Svn::wc' module.
    My aim was to make this work similarly to what I'm used to in the CLI
    version, as far as commands and the responses to commands.
    Hopefully, this library, or at least some of the code is useful to someone.