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Comments: Replacing Disqus with Github Comments #1

dwilliamson opened this issue Apr 18, 2017 · 208 comments

Comments: Replacing Disqus with Github Comments #1

dwilliamson opened this issue Apr 18, 2017 · 208 comments


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@dwilliamson dwilliamson commented Apr 18, 2017

Comments for Replacing Disqus with Github Comments

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@dwilliamson dwilliamson commented Apr 18, 2017

This is a comment

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Owner Author

@dwilliamson dwilliamson commented Apr 18, 2017

This is another comment

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Owner Author

@dwilliamson dwilliamson commented Apr 18, 2017

This is a comment with some markdown...

  • Listy
  • Listo
  1. Jumble
  2. Sale

Boldit or Italicit or strikeit



something something

int x = 3;
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@jasminpatry jasminpatry commented Apr 21, 2017

This is great. Thanks for sharing this!

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@olafleur olafleur commented Apr 22, 2017

Awesome ! I think I will try this on my website. :)

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@vielmetti vielmetti commented Apr 22, 2017

Nicely done.

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@vyp vyp commented Apr 22, 2017


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@olalonde olalonde commented Apr 22, 2017

You are on HN, congrats :)

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@mannuscript mannuscript commented Apr 22, 2017

I agree that what Disqus is doing is an overkill.
However, we should not forget that nothing comes for free...
Apart from this, getting redirected to GitHub for comment is very inconvenient...
Update: So I am automatically subscribed to comments thread via email...
Getting emails not only for replies on my comment but for every new comment.
Well, this is another overkill...
Don't forget User experience is more valued than user's data nowadays :D

@dwilliamson forget about the free-ness argument, the bigger issue is of user experience, I got resubscribed to email updates after you mentioned me in one of the comment. This is a serious poor user experience.

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@rattrayalex rattrayalex commented Apr 22, 2017

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

You might consider changing the link to include #new_comment_field (like so) so that users do not have to scroll. I believe this also focuses the field by default, which may make intent more clear.

Adding a button at the bottom of the comments section that opens the link might be helpful. Using about: _blank could be nice too.

A git hook might be useful to automatically generate the issues, though I'm not sure that'd be a good idea.

EDIT: Looks like their api supports POSTing comments; you'd have to set up user auth of course.

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@ghost ghost commented Apr 22, 2017

A test of comment with image and link.


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@globalcitizen globalcitizen commented Apr 22, 2017

Good work. In summary, to improve the solution further, add a button to add a new comment. Only when that button is pushed (in order to preserve privacy, remove drive-by viewer tracking potential, and reduce unnecessary server load on Github), somehow determine whether the user is already logged in to Github.

  • If not, then give them a chance to do so or sign up
  • If so, then display an add comment form on the page
    This could be a modal window, in a similar style to Stripe. If the user posts a comment successfully, the comment stream could be refreshed.
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@citrusui citrusui commented Apr 22, 2017

I'm impressed by this! I'm going to see what happens when you post a comment from the @ghost account (another name for a deleted account)

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@ghost ghost commented Apr 22, 2017

Hello world! This is a comment from the @ghost account.

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@segiddins segiddins commented Apr 22, 2017

This is awesome!

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@olalonde olalonde commented Apr 22, 2017

You might want to

  1. Add rel="nofollow" to your anchor tags to deter spam

  2. Link back to the blog post in the GH issue (you could do that in the first comment and not display it on your website). That way when I go back here due to :octocat: GH notifications, I can go back to the post easily instead of wondering what this is all about 😸

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@ElijahLynn ElijahLynn commented Apr 22, 2017

Great writeup, I was really hoping there was a way to comment without visiting Github.

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@asciimo asciimo commented Apr 22, 2017

Very slick! I came to propose something similar to @globalcitizen's proposal, but they put it more succinctly.

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@bexelbie bexelbie commented Apr 22, 2017

Did you consider ? This gets you comments as PRs and comments from the page.

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@tbodt tbodt commented Apr 22, 2017

@bexelbie but staticman isn't as FUCKING AWESOME as this

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@dipakc dipakc commented Apr 22, 2017

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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@aleman aleman commented Apr 22, 2017

I can already think of a few use cases for this in my team

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@colinmegill colinmegill commented Apr 22, 2017

Great idea. Thank you for this.

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@crohr crohr commented Apr 22, 2017

I agree this is a great idea. But why not write your post directly into the issue as well? You might want to checkout my post Turn your GitHub issues into blog posts, which implements the same idea but also let you publish right from your GitHub issue as well.

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@bkaradzic bkaradzic commented Apr 22, 2017

Love it! 👍

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@lrzedzicki lrzedzicki commented Apr 22, 2017

Very useful!

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@andreis andreis commented Apr 22, 2017

Great technique that I'll definitely steal. Thanks!

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@ghost ghost commented Apr 22, 2017

Brilliant idea!

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@EddieOne EddieOne commented Apr 22, 2017

test = {
  something: 'monkey',
  function: function(arg) { return arg + 'YAY!'  }

Edit: We need pagination!

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@cerisara cerisara commented Apr 22, 2017

Great ! I'll try this out... is it doable with a gitlab instance ?

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@wallabyway wallabyway commented Nov 22, 2018

Very cool

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@VincentTam VincentTam commented Nov 24, 2018

@vchrombie I see you concern. In addition, this technology only supports GitHub.

IMHO, Staticman gives Git(Hub/Lab) repo owners a greater degree of freedom. Staticman's support for GitLab has been addded for three months. (c.f. mmistakes/minimal-mistakes#1956)

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@clarkttfu clarkttfu commented Dec 17, 2018

Awesome !!

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@HyeonGuJ HyeonGuJ commented Feb 1, 2019


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@dvijayak dvijayak commented Feb 5, 2019

I think this is super cool. I plan on implementing something like this on my own site in due time.

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@ingochris ingochris commented Feb 9, 2019

Hello world!

  • Yet another test comment. :)
  1. Do images display?


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@yudiqing yudiqing commented Feb 17, 2019

This is a terrific post. Thanks.

Repository owner deleted a comment from pahosler Feb 18, 2019
Repository owner deleted a comment from dewomser Feb 18, 2019
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@CameronNicolson CameronNicolson commented Mar 27, 2019

Thanks for sharing!

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@anonizmous anonizmous commented Apr 4, 2019


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@JoelEllis JoelEllis commented Apr 16, 2019

BTW guys, you may like that does the same thing, but a bit less hackery.

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@sergeyvdovareize sergeyvdovareize commented May 2, 2019

и как оно?

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@begoon begoon commented May 8, 2019

вроде работает

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@drom drom commented May 25, 2019

да, хорошая идея

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@isovector isovector commented Jun 27, 2019

This is an amazing idea!

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@craftsmandigital craftsmandigital commented Jul 11, 2019

Hello folks

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@Noobchenko Noobchenko commented Jul 11, 2019

Проверка как работает

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@md2perpe md2perpe commented Jul 21, 2019

Code test:

let test = "Just a string";

Edit: It seems like some extra CSS is needed for the code colorization.

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@magicxavi magicxavi commented Aug 2, 2019


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@adriansinger87 adriansinger87 commented Aug 13, 2019

This is a cool way to use GH for both, as a host for static jekyll-blogs and for its comments. I will try this out!

So thank you for your work, here is my implementation:

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@cphthomas cphthomas commented Aug 18, 2019

Very nice post :O)

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@ajbozdar ajbozdar commented Sep 27, 2019

It's interesting. Cheers!

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@gIsForGravity gIsForGravity commented Oct 19, 2019

This is very cool

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@ldoublewood ldoublewood commented Oct 31, 2019

this is my comment

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@p4ttch p4ttch commented Nov 16, 2019

this is pretty neet!

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@resthyphen resthyphen commented Nov 27, 2019

this is pretty neet!


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@mostafachatillon mostafachatillon commented Feb 13, 2020

i am trying this github comment feature

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@dollardhingra dollardhingra commented Apr 9, 2020

amazing man

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@pedroth pedroth commented May 28, 2020

Great idea maybe will do the same

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