A lets-encrypt plugin for Icecast2
Latest commit ef34ddc Mar 8, 2016 @e00E Update deploy_cert to new api
The api was changed to include an additional parameter fullchain_path which broke the plugin.
Fixes #1



A lets-encrypt plugin for Icecast.

To use it with lets-encrypt:

  • download the lets-encrypt client at https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt and set it up
  • In the letsencrypt folder run ./venv/bin/python path/to/lets-encrypt-icecast/setup.py develop
  • put icecast.py in the letsencrypt folder

Finally check that the plugin is recognized by running letsencrypt --help all. You should see the icecast_installer plugin and its command line options.

Start lets-encrypt to obtain a certificate however you like for example with letsencrypt --authenticator standalone -d mydomain auth. Let lets-encrypt run the icecast plugin for example with letsencrypt -t -i letsencrypt-icecast:icecast_installer run or letsencrypt -t -i letsencrypt-icecast:icecast_installer --letsencrypt-icecast:icecast_installer-configuration_file /path/to/icecast.xml install --cert-path /etc/letsencrypt/certs/0000_csr-letsencrypt.pem --key-path /etc/letsencrypt/keys/0000_key-letsencrypt.pem and dont forget the plugin's command line options. The plugin creates a new file containing both the public (also known as certificate) and private key, per default in the current directory, and creates a new ssl enabled socket in the icecast configuration. MAKE SURE you set the permissions of the created key file correctly so only the user running icecast can access it as it CONTAINS YOUR PRIVATE KEY.