e107 Bootstrap CMS (Content Management System) v2 with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Pull-requests welcome!
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e107_admin Code cleanup Jan 19, 2017
e107_core Experimental Feature: Page/Menu custom fields. Enable debug to experi… Jan 19, 2017
e107_docs text to LAN issue #6 Nov 1, 2015
e107_handlers Prevent core pref corruption by old plugins that are using save_prefs(); Jan 19, 2017
e107_images Added HD logo. Fixed logo size on login page (when no logo selected i… Dec 22, 2016
e107_languages Update lan_mailout.php Jan 17, 2017
e107_media Removal of old directories Jun 8, 2012
e107_plugins TinyMce editor styling. Jan 18, 2017
e107_system Removal of old system directories Jun 8, 2012
e107_themes Issue #2297 Loading of landing-zero config language file. Jan 19, 2017
e107_web Make Media-Manager navigation feel more responsive. Jan 15, 2017
.codeclimate.yml Config update Apr 25, 2016
.gitignore Fixes #984 - signup shortcode wrapper issue. Apr 24, 2015
README.md Update README.md Dec 4, 2016
banner.php Header and minor code cleanup (#125) Mar 3, 2013
class2.php Prevent core pref corruption by old plugins that are using save_prefs(); Jan 19, 2017
comment.php New Events: user_page_item_viewed, user_comment_deleted Dec 22, 2016
contact.php Issue #2178 - Subject validation fix. Dec 20, 2016
cron.php Code cleanup. Dec 15, 2016
download.php Fix for broken link when using {DOWNLOAD_LIST_IMAGEFULL=link} Oct 27, 2013
e107.htaccess Revert htaccess changes. Dec 14, 2016
e107.robots.txt Updated robots file May 6, 2013
email.php Header location cleanup. From now, please use e107::redirect(); to re… Jan 14, 2016
error.php Use e107::getError()->render() instead. Dec 15, 2016
favicon.ico favicon and adminlogo change May 5, 2012
fpw.php Code cleanup Dec 2, 2016
gsitemap.php SEF URL added for gsitemap. URL aliases added for Statistics plugin. Feb 28, 2016
index.php PHP 7.1 fix Jan 18, 2017
install.php Theme descriptions. Default content for landingzero and tooltips duri… Jan 17, 2017
login.php Issue #2209 Jan 11, 2017
membersonly.php Membersonly enhancement.(option to redirect to login page or memberso… Mar 22, 2016
metaweblog.php svn keywords added (v0.8) Feb 10, 2010
news.php Bootstrap navigation now support sub-links of sublinks. Dec 20, 2016
online.php Issue #1309. e_BASE."user.php" replaced with SEF URL. Jan 27, 2016
page.php New Events: user_page_item_viewed, user_comment_deleted Dec 22, 2016
print.php LANS Clean Up #6 - Printer Friendly Page Jan 14, 2017
rate.php Text To LANS #6 - Rate Dec 30, 2016
request.php Header location cleanup. From now, please use e107::redirect(); to re… Jan 14, 2016
search.php More code cleanup Dec 2, 2016
signup.php Fix for when a user registers but clicks the activation link twice. Jul 23, 2016
sitedown.php Sitedown shortcodes upgraded to v2.x spec. Bootstrap css added by def… Mar 12, 2016
submitnews.php Code cleanup. Dec 15, 2016
thumb.php Use https for placehold. Jan 17, 2017
top.php More deprecated function/method cleanup. Feb 15, 2016
unsubscribe.php Allow user to unsubscribe from userclasses (newsletter/email notifica… May 12, 2015
upload.php Issue #66 - e_upload spec complete. Some LANs needed. Upload form may… Mar 8, 2016
user.php Issue #1669 - incorrect shortcode object May 24, 2016
userposts.php Forum #2285 - userposts. Should fix URLs pointing to the forum. Jan 16, 2017
usersettings.php Issue #2257 - User Profile Edit event added to Notify. Jan 8, 2017


e107 Content Management System (CMS) - v2

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107

What is e107?

e107 is a free (open-source) content management system which allows you to easily manage and publish your content online. Developers can save time in building websites and powerful online applications. Users can avoid programming completely! Blogs, Websites, Intranets - e107 does it all.


  • PHP v5.4 or higher
  • MySQL 4.x or higher


  • Point your browser to the http://localhost/YOUR FOLDER/install.php (depending on your webserver setup)
  • Follow the installation wizard

Reporting Bugs

Be sure you are using the most recent version prior to reporting an issue. You may report any bugs or feature requests on GitHub (https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues)


  • Please submit 1 pull-request for each Github #issue you may work on.
  • Make sure that only the lines you have changed actually show up in a file-comparison (diff) ie. some text-editors alter every line so this should be avoided.
  • Make sure you are using rebase on your local .git/config file. ie. [branch "master"] rebase = true`


If you like e107 and wish to help it to improve - please consider making a small donation.

  • Bitcoin address: 18C7W2YvkzSjvPoW1y46PjkTdCr9UzC3F7
  • Paypal: donate (at) e107.org