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Parallec pings 8000 servers in 11.1 seconds

Yuanteng (Jeff) Pei edited this page Nov 9, 2015 · 2 revisions

[Watch Demo]("Parallec Ping vs FPing demo - Click to Watch!"): Parallec is 2x Speed of FPing and ping 8000 servers within 11.1 seconds.

parallec pings 8000 servers in 11.1 seconds

Parallec is 2x speed of best-effort tuned FPing and gets the same accurate result (53 out of 1500 unreachable) on 1500 servers. (2.2 vs 4.5 seconds)

FPing is a well-noted parallel ping tool. Tuning parameter: minimum interval 1 second 1000 ping; no retries; -i 1; -r 0; v3.12 published 10/2015). Both FPing and Parallec use the same 0.5 sec timeout with no retry.

Parallec pings 8000 servers in 11.1 seconds. (Our version of fping does not allow us to obtain reliable results when more than 2000 hosts)

As usual, don't rely on these numbers and perform your own benchmarks. Below is the fping command to check time.

Test environment:

Parallec: We use the Parallec Sample Spark Server


fping -v;
num=$(cat 1500servers | wc -l) ;
start=$(date +%s%N) ; 
fping -i 1 -r 0 -f 1500servers > 1500servers.log ; 
duration=$((($(date +%s%N) - $start)/1000000)) ; 
unreach=$(cat 1500servers.log | grep unreach | wc -l);
echo "FPING found $unreach unreachable after taking $duration MilliSeconds to ping $num target servers.";