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eBay Open Source

eBay is a global commerce leader which empowers people and creates economic opportunity. We publish open source code to share technical artifacts with the broader community and publish a tech blog to share our experiences.

If you're hoping to build integrations with eBay using our open source toolkit, please visit the eBay Developers Program.

In order to provide an inclusive environment, we adhere to a code of conduct.

If you're interested in joining eBay and working with open source, check out our open source jobs.


  1. ebayui-core Public

    Collection of Marko widgets; considered to be the core building blocks for all eBay components, pages & apps

    JavaScript 186 90

  2. NuRaft Public

    C++ implementation of Raft core logic as a replication library

    C++ 694 163

  3. Jungle Public

    An embedded key-value store library specialized for building state machine and log store

    C++ 157 37

  4. skin Public

    Pure CSS framework designed & developed by eBay for a branded, e-commerce marketplace.

    JavaScript 159 64

  5. tsv-utils Public

    eBay's TSV Utilities: Command line tools for large, tabular data files. Filtering, statistics, sampling, joins and more.

    D 1.4k 80

  6. go-ovn Public

    A Go library for OVN Northbound/Southbound DB access using native OVSDB protocol

    Go 102 58


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