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Flame is a fast & simple framework inspired by the Elm architecture for building web applications in PureScript


See the project page or pursuit


See the examples folder

Quick start


spago install flame

Example counter app:

module Counter.Main where

import Prelude

import Effect (Effect)
import Flame (Html, QuerySelector(..), Subscription)
-- Side effects free updating; see docs for other examples
import Flame.Application.NoEffects as FAN
import Flame.Html.Element as HE
import Flame.Html.Attribute as HA

-- | The model represents the state of the app
type Model = Int

-- | Data type used to represent events
data Message = Increment | Decrement

-- | Initial state of the app
init :: Model
init = 0

-- | `update` is called to handle events
update :: Model -> Message -> Model
update model = case _ of
      Increment -> model + 1
      Decrement -> model - 1

-- | `view` is called whenever the model is updated
view :: Model -> Html Message
view model = HE.main "main" [
      HE.button [HA.onClick Decrement] "-",
      HE.text $ show model,
      HE.button [HA.onClick Increment] "+"

-- | Events that come from outside the `view`
subscribe :: Array (Subscription Message)
subscribe = []

-- | Mount the application on the given selector
main :: Effect Unit
main = FAN.mount_ (QuerySelector "body") {


breeze can be used to generate Flame markup from HTML


Licenses for loadash, stage0 and snabbdom-to-html added under licenses since parts of the rendering code was adapted from these projects


If this project is useful for you, consider throwing a buck to keep development possible