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WIP: A personal project, bookmark and note web service. (React.js, Redux, Python, Django, Docker)
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WIP: Jot down


Jot down is a bookmark and note service for developer. If you solve a error, you can write a note that how to solve the error, and save website that was used to help resolve the error. Of course, even non-developers, you can use Jot down as a bookmark and note managing web service.


The front end made by React.js, back end made by Python. In front end, I used Redux and styled-components, correct style application and state management are realized. In back end, I used Django REST framework and Google cloud platform. It established RESTful API communication.

  • Front-end: React.js, Redux, React Router, styled-components, Material-ui
  • Backend: Django REST framework, Python
  • Infrastructure: Google cloud platform, Docker
  • Others: REST API, Axios, Gunicorn
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