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@easymodo easymodo released this Feb 25, 2020 · 3 commits to dev since this release

OpenCV build

Provides better image quality when downscaling.
Go to settings > scaling and choose a filter (bicubic should be fine)

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@easymodo easymodo released this Feb 23, 2020 · 13 commits to dev since this release


Use QGraphicsScene for image rendering.

  • no longer uses an obscene amounts of ram when upscaling an image
  • upscaling large images should be quicker (uses cheap scale via graphicsscene)
  • allows < 1.0x zoom
  • no zoom limit (well, it's x100) #153
  • should produce less visible flicker when zooming
  • option to use opengl in graphicsview (off by default, faster scaling but otherwise its pretty bad)


  • fix image alignment when using Fit Width mode
  • window state should now be saved correctly (including maximized) #165 #150
  • fix crash #164
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@easymodo easymodo released this Feb 9, 2020 · 4 commits to master since this release

What's new

  • [FolderView] You can now edit / remove files right from folder view.
  • [FolderView] Scroll animations for keyboard navigation.
  • [Thumbnailer] Files are now stored as png. This fixes transparency in folder view.
  • [Panel] Scrollbar indicator.
  • [Viewer] Configurable zoom step.
  • [Viewer] Added another way to zoom: hold RMB and scroll.
  • [Viewer] Added expandLimit option.
  • Added jpeg save quality option.
  • Changed some default settings.
  • Updated theme & icons.

Bug fixes

  • Several bug fixes related to file operations.
  • Minor visual fixes.
  • Keyboard input fixes. All your keys should now work, including symbols accessible through shift.
  • Added an alternate input handling for other OSes like macOS / haiku / *bsd etc. Default input uses a Qt feature that is unsupported there yet.
  • Removed max zoom option.
  • [windows] Do not track subfolders.
  • [Thumbnailer] Fix for video files with % in file path.
  • [FolderView] Thumbnails are now always uncropped.
  • [FolderView] Fixes for mouse scrolling.
  • Fix some keyboard focus issues.
  • File format detection fixes.
  • Crash fixes.

Note: minimum required cmake version is now 3.13
Note 2: builds updated. Re-download if you have issues opening non-english filenames.

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@easymodo easymodo released this Nov 12, 2019 · 92 commits to master since this release

What's new

  • Added volume control actions: toggleMute, volumeUp, volumeDown

  • Added mute button

  • Added showDirectory action & context menu entry. Opens current dir in the default file manager.

  • Configurable text color for fullscreen info bar

  • Off-screen thumbnails are now unloaded to save memory

Bug fixes

  • Fixed file format detection issues

  • Fixed overlays sometimes losing keyboard focus

  • Fixed moving files (regression)

  • Fixed notification not being shown on file copy / move

  • Fixed some temporary files not being removed on windows

  • Fixed crash on indexed png with transparency

  • Fixed possible crash when renaming a file


  • Images are now being saved through a temporary file in case something goes wrong

  • Fixed incorrect shortcuts for frameStep / frameStepBack (they were switched around)

NOTE: builds reuploaded with a crash fix

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Nov 12, 2019
fix incorrect define

@easymodo easymodo released this Oct 15, 2019 · 127 commits to master since this release

  • Dramatically improved startup speed.

Core & MainWindow init (worst case scenario - windows, 5200rpm hdd):
v0.8.5 ~300ms
v0.8.6 ~25ms!

While this wasn't as much of a problem on linux, you will still see a noticeable difference.

This was achieved by using lazy initialization of many ui elements, as well as avoiding some less optimized Qt classes.

  • Added some missing hidpi icons
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@easymodo easymodo released this Oct 1, 2019 · 140 commits to master since this release

  • Crop: change behavior to match older versions
  • VideoControls: fix overlapping with panel
  • FolderView: scrollbar is now easier to hit while in fullscreen
  • Fix opening videos without correct mime type
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@easymodo easymodo released this Sep 21, 2019 · 150 commits to master since this release

  • fix rename window (regression)
  • show error when a file operation fails
  • [windows] fix white window flicker at startup
  • [windows] fix moving/deleting animated media
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  • v0.8.3
  • 6e1a7b9
  • Compare
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    Search for a tag
  • v0.8.3
  • 6e1a7b9
  • Compare
    Choose a tag to compare
    Search for a tag

@easymodo easymodo released this Sep 19, 2019 · 158 commits to master since this release


  • triggerScalingFilter action
  • Support drag'n'dropping out of qimgv


  • Save maximized window state
  • CMake fixes (VIDEO_SUPPORT option working incorrectly)
  • Some unicode fixes on windows
  • Fix lag during sorting mode switch
  • Fix icon grid behavior when a lot of files are being added/modified from outside
  • Fix clipboard file copying (via ctrl+c)
  • Load files with incorrect file extensions (when opened directly)

Windows builds

Qt 5.12.4. Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds. Just archives for now, installer coming sometime later.
Now includes QtRaw plugin.
Haven't tested it much, expect bugs!
Downloads below. Click 'Assets' if thery are not visible.

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@easymodo easymodo released this Aug 27, 2019 · 184 commits to master since this release

Fix new shortcuts not working when you update from 0.7.x

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