A cross-platform image viewer with webm support. Written in qt5.
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qimgv | Current version: 0.7.1

A cross-platform image viewer with webm support. Written in qt5.

qimgv v0.6 video overview

alt tag

Key features:

  • Simple UI

  • Fast

  • Easy to use

  • Fully configurable, including shortcuts

  • Basic image editing: Crop, Rotate and Resize

  • Ability to quickly copy / move images to different folders

  • Experimental video playback via libmpv

  • Ability to run shell scripts

  • A nice dark theme, should look identical on every OS / DE

Default control scheme:

Action Shortcut
Next image Right arrow / MouseWheel
Previous image Left arrow / MouseWheel
Goto first image Home
Goto last image End
Zoom in Ctrl+MouseWheel / Crtl+Up
Zoom out Ctrl+MouseWheel / Crtl+Down
Fit mode: window 1
Fit mode: width 2
Fit mode: 1:1 (no scaling) 3
Switch fit modes Space
Toggle fullscreen mode DoubleClick / F / F11
Exit fullscreen mode Esc
Crop image X
Resize image R
Rotate left Ctrl+L
Rotate Right Ctrl+R
Quick copy C
Quick move M
Move to trash Delete
Delete file Shift+Delete
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Open Ctrl+O
Settings Ctrl+P
Exit application Esc / Ctrl+Q / Alt+X / MiddleClick

Note: you can configure every shortcut listed above by going to Settings > Controls

User interface

The idea is to have a uncluttered, simple and easy to use UI. You can see ui elements only when you need them.

There is a pull-down panel with thumbnails, as well as folder view (accessible by pressing Return).

You can also bring up a context menu by right-clicking on an image.

Using quick copy / quick move panels

Bring up the panel with C or M shortcut. You will see 9 destination directories, click them to set them up.

With panel visible, use 1 - 9 keys to copy/move current image to corresponding directory.

When you are done press C or M again to hide the panel.

Running scripts

Starting with v0.7 you can run scripts on a current image.

Open Settings > Scripts. Press Add. Here you can choose between a shell command and a shell script.

Example of a command:

convert %file% %file%_.pdf

Example of a shell script file:

gimp "$1"

Note: The $1 argument will be a full file path. Also, the script file must be an executable.

When you've created your script go to Settings > Controls > Add, then select it and assign a shortcut like for any regular action.


If qimgv appears too small / too big on your display, you can override the scale factor. Example:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR="1.5" qimgv /path/to/image.png

You can put it in qimgv.desktop file to make it permanent. Using values less than 1.0 may break some things.

Installation instructions


Arch: Available in AUR - qimgv-git

Gentoo: emerge qimgv

Other distros (manual install):

  1. Install dependencies ( git, cmake, qt >= 5.6, libmpv >= 0.22, mpv)

    Ubuntu & derivatives:

    sudo apt install build-essential cmake qt5-default libmpv-dev


    Enable RPMFusion in order to get mpv https://rpmfusion.org/Configuration.

    sudo dnf install git cmake qt5 qt5-devel gcc-c++ qt5-devel mpv mpv-libs-devel

  2. Build

git clone https://github.com/easymodo/qimgv.git
cd qimgv/scripts

Note: in order to get background blur in kde run build-kde.sh instead.

  1. Install


Grab the latest release here