Type definitions for AWS Lambda Go runtime.
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Powered by Amazon Web Services Created by eawsy


Type definitions and helpers for AWS Lambda Go runtime.

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AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. With eawsy/aws-lambda-go-shim, you can author your Lambda function code in Go. This project provides type definitions and helpers to deal with AWS Lambda Go runtime.


For step by step instructions on how to author your AWS Lambda function code in Go, see eawsy/aws-lambda-go-shim.

go get -u -d github.com/eawsy/aws-lambda-go-core/...
package main

import (


func Handle(evt json.RawMessage, ctx *runtime.Context) (interface{}, error) {
	log.Printf("Log stream name: %s\n", ctx.LogStreamName)
	log.Printf("Log group name: %s\n", ctx.LogGroupName)
	log.Printf("Request ID: %s\n", ctx.AWSRequestID)
	log.Printf("Mem. limits(MB): %d\n", ctx.MemoryLimitInMB)

	select {
	case <-time.After(1 * time.Second):
		log.Printf("Time remaining (MS): %d\n", ctx.RemainingTimeInMillis())

	return nil, nil



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