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This repository contains the material for the react tutorial at EBU DevCon 2015

An example of the app that we intend to create can be found here:


For the workshop

During the workshop, the web server (data API) is not supposed to be edited.

In order to edit the JavaScript and HTML code, and the try the react page, you should:

  • Install Git (and the Github desktop app if you are not very comfortable with the command line)
  • Clone this project on your laptop (fork it before if you want to put your code on github later).
  • Install a recent browser (Chrome would be best)
  • Run a local http server from a terminal to host the html and react (it's not the data API):
    1. cd to the root of the react-tutorial directory you cloned from Github. For example: cd Desktop/react-tutorial
    2. You can run a server using either python or nodejs.
    • using Python: run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888
    • using node: run: node node_modules/http-server/bin/http-server -p 8888 --cors
  • Open http://localhost:8888/web_advanced/index.html in the browser, verify that you have a web page. This is an example page of what we can do with the data. During the workshop you'll build your own!

The web server accessed will be located at:

Web server API

For the purpose of the tutorial, the webserver installation is optional. The example web server is using by default. The API returns yearly European Immigration information by country of previous residence and gender.

Two endpoints are available:

  • /data/summary
  • /data/country/:countryName:
  • /web

GET /data/summary

Get a summary of all countries. Returns a two dimensional json object. (Dimensions: Country, Year)

application/json reply:

  "Belgium": {
    "1960":"42 248",
    "1961":"36 088",
    "1962":"52 834",
    "2013":"68 636"
  "Bulgaria": {
    "2005":"2 013",
    "2007":"1 954"

Example : curl

GET /data/country/:countryName:

Get gender breakdown of a country by year. Returns a two dimensional json object. (Dimensions: Year, Gender)

application/json reply:

  "1980": {
    "Males":"28 644",
    "Females":"26 050"
  "1981": {
    "Males":"25 336",
    "Females":"23 962"
  "2013": {
    "Males":"36 697",
    "Females":"31 939"

Example : curl


Get the example of web page.

Running the web server locally

You'll need to install nodejs and npm on your computer. Then from the root directory run the following:

npm install
npm start



Pull requests are welcome!

Copyright & license

Copyright (c) 2015, EBU-UER Technology & Innovation The code is under BSD (3-Clause) License. (see LICENSE)


This repository contains the material for the react tutorial at EBU DevCon 2015




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