create a minimal ad hoc podcast feed given an ordered set of audio files
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create a minimal podcast feed given an ordered set of audio files

Mac usage with iTunes:

On a Mac, turn on web sharing and make sure your home directory is world readable and executable, so that the Mac's web server can get to your ~/Sites files.

Create a directory where you will place the audio files, say "~/Sites/ad-hoc". Put the example index.xml file there and edit it as desired.

Then put iTunes-compatible audio files there as you like. I like to use to, e.g., convert the SOSP 2009 audio from OGG to mp3.

Add a batch of audio files to the podcast stream by running, listing the files in the order you would like them to appear in the podcast stream. You will see the batch show up as the most recent episodes in the podcast inside iTunes.

Under the iTunes "Advanced" menu, select "Subscribe to podcast", and enter the URL of the localhost's podcast location, using your username in the path. The example below assumes your username is wrinkle.


Batches will get mixed up unless they are N seconds apart, where N is the smallest number of episodes in a batch.


* Add "-i" option to initialize feed file