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JSONForms - More Forms. Less Code

Complex Forms in the blink of an eye

JSONForms eliminates the tedious task of writing fully-featured forms by hand by leveraging the capabilities of JSON, JSON Schema and Javascript.

Editor Package

This repository showcases a re-usable tree component that renders a tree-master-detail JSON editor.

The repository contains an IDE webcomponent that additionally configures 3 buttons to access the data shown in the tree:

  • A download button
  • An export button that shows the data in a dialog
  • A load button that opens a native file selection dialog to load a file from the user's harddrive

Additionally, the package contains a small runtime demo showing an editor for users and tasks.

The Editor Package was actively maintained with JSON Forms up until version 2.3.2.

Professional support

EclipseSource also offers professional support for JSON Forms.

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