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JSON Forms React seed App

This seed demonstrates how to use JSON Forms with React in order to render a simple form for displaying a task entity.

It is based on create-react-app and only contains minor modifications.

  • Execute npm ci to install the prerequisites. If you want to have the latest released versions use npm install.
  • Execute npm start to start the application.

Browse to http://localhost:3000 to see the application in action.

File Structure

Let's briefly have a look at the most important files:

  • src/schema.json contains the JSON schema (also referred to as 'data schema')
  • src/uischema.json contains the UI schema
  • src/index.tsx is the entry point of the application. We also customize the Material UI theme to give each control more space.
  • src/App.tsx is the main app component and makes use of the JsonForms component in order to render a form.

The data schema defines the structure of a Task: it contains attributes such as title, description, due date and so on.

The corresponding UI schema specifies controls for each property and puts them into a vertical layout that in turn contains two horizontal layouts.

Rendering JSON Forms

JSON Forms is rendered by importing and using the JsonForms component and directly handing over the schema, uischema, data, renderer and cell props. We listen to changes in the form via the onChange callback.

Custom renderers

Please see our corresponding tutorial on how to add custom renderers.