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A next-generation graph-relational database.

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EdgeDB is a new kind of database that takes the best parts of relational databases, graph databases, and ORMs. We call it a graph-relational database. Try the 10-minute Quickstart.

Useful links

Main repo ⭐️ · Website · Docs · EdgeQL showcase · Interactive tutorial · Blog

Client libraries

Official libraries: JavaScript/TypeScript · Python · Golang · Rust · .NET

Community-maintained: Elixir

Using another language? You can run EdgeQL over HTTP, even without an official client library!

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  1. edgedb edgedb Public

    A graph-relational database with declarative schema, built-in migration system, and a next-generation query language

    Python 12.1k 380

  2. edgedb-cli edgedb-cli Public

    The EdgeDB CLI

    Rust 152 21

  3. edgedb-js edgedb-js Public

    The official TypeScript/JS client library and query builder for EdgeDB

    TypeScript 467 59

  4. edgedb-python edgedb-python Public

    The official Python client library for EdgeDB

    Python 347 40

  5. edgedb-go edgedb-go Public

    The official Go client library for EdgeDB

    Go 150 10

  6. imdbench imdbench Public

    IMDBench — Realistic ORM benchmarking

    Python 210 22


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