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A social network designed for a local community
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Devonport Live

A social network designed for a local community.

I had to build this website in about 3 weeks, so the code is messy, and probably not very secure. All the settings etc can be found at the beginning of the src/includes/template.php file.

Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the database so the table and column names can be found in the file src/db.txt (this was my plan at the beginning of the project, I can't remember if I changed it though, so it's not guaranteed to work).

A lot of the stuff was built for the local community, so the site pulls in an RSS feed from a local newspaper which it then filters stories from - this will not be relevant for all communities so bear this in mind!

The site is built using PHP and Apache, MySQL database, jQuery on the front end and Stripe for accepting payments for business pages on the site. I think it charged £20 a year for a business page. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know!

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