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Lexy's Labyrinth

This is a reimplementation of Chip's Challenge®, that puzzle game you might remember from the early 90s (and its long-awaited sequel).

It's free; runs in a browser; has completely new artwork, sounds, and music; comes with hundreds of quality fan-made levels built in; and can load the original levels from a copy of the commercial game!

Documentation is underway on the wiki.

My lawyer is telling me to say this

To be absolutely clear: this is a fan project and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, endorsed by, or in any way approved of by Bridgestone Multimedia Group LLC. Chip's Challenge is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Multimedia Group LLC, and is used here for identification purposes only.

Despite the names, the built-in "Chip's Challenge Level Packs" are community creations and have no relation to the commercial games or their levels.

Play online

Give it a try, I guess!

Current status

  • Fully compatible with Chip's Challenge 1 levels... barring a few obscure rule changes
  • Fully compatible with Chip's Challenge 2 levels... barring a few obscure bugs
  • Completely original tileset, sound effects, and music
  • Compatible with MS Chip's Challenge DAT/CCL files, Steam Chip's Challenge C2G/C2M files, and ZIP files
  • Can load one of its built-in level packs, the original levels, or anything you've got lying around
  • Able to record and play back demos (replays) from Steam-format levels
  • Lets you rewind your mistakes, up to 30 seconds back
  • Lets you take the pressure off by switching from real-time to turn-based mode, where nothing moves until you do
  • Contains a completely usable level editor with support for every tile in Chip's Challenge 2
  • Works on touchscreens too
  • Has compatibility settings for opting into behavior (or bugs) from particular implementations
  • Debug mode (click the logo in the lower left)

Planned features

  • Load levels directly from the BBC set list
  • Mouse support

For developers

It's all static JS; there's no build system. If you want to run it locally, just throw your favorite HTTP server at a checkout and open a browser. (Browsers won't allow XHR from file:/// URLs, alas. If you don't have a favorite HTTP server, try python -m http.server.)

If you have Node installed, you can test the solutions included with the bundled level packs without needing a web browser:

node js/headless/bulktest.mjs

Note that solution playback is still not perfect, so don't be alarmed if you don't get 100% — only if you make a change and something regresses.

Special thanks

  • The incredible nerds who put together the Chip Wiki and also reside on the Bit Busters Discord, including:
    • ruben for documenting the CC2 PRNG
    • The Architect for documenting the CC2 C2G parser
  • Everyone who worked on Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1, the default set of levels
  • Tile World for being an incredible reference on Lynx mechanics
  • Everyone who contributed music — see js/soundtrack.js for a list!