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Dockerized Kodi with audio and video
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Dockerized Kodi with audio and video.

Kodi screenshot


Host Prerequisites

The host system will need the following:

  1. Linux and Docker

    This image should work on any Linux distribution with a functional Docker installation.

  2. A connected display and speaker(s)

    If you're looking for a headless Kodi installation, look elsewhere!

  3. X or Wayland

    Ensure that the packages for an X or Wayland server are present on the Docker host. Please consult your distribution's documentation if you're not sure what to install. A display server does not need to be running ahead of time.

  4. x11docker

    x11docker allows Docker-based applications to utilize X and/or Wayland on the host. Please follow the x11docker installation instructions and ensure that you have a working setup on the Docker host.


Starting Kodi

Use x11docker to start the erichough/kodi Docker image. Detailing the myriad of x11docker options is beyond the scope of this document; please consult the x11docker documentation to find the set of options that work for your setup.

Below is an example command (split into multiple lines for clarity) that starts Kodi with a fresh X.Org X server with PulseAudio sound, hardware video acceleration, a persistent Kodi home directory, and a shared read-only Docker mount for media files:

$ x11docker --xorg                                 \
            --pulseaudio                           \
            --gpu                                  \
            --homedir /host/path/to/kodi/home      \
            -- -v /host/path/to/media:/media:ro -- \

Note that the optional argument passed between a pair of -- defines additional arguments to be passed to docker run.

Stopping Kodi

You can shut down Kodi just as you normally would; i.e. by using the power menu from the Kodi home screen. Behind the scenes, the Docker container and x11docker processes will terminate cleanly.

You can also terminate the container from the command line.

Example systemd Service Unit

Description=Dockerized Kodi
Requires=docker.service docker.service

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/docker pull erichough/kodi
ExecStart=/usr/bin/x11docker ... erichough/kodi



The advanced topics documentation describes a few more useful features and functionality:


Constructive criticism and contributions are welcome! Please submit an issue or pull request.

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