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Vim plugin to post from VIM to WordPress using Pandoc-Markdown.

It uses an special template in files, they are a mix between an INI header and a MarkDown content. There is a template in templates directory.

How to

Install the plugin using Vundle, Pathogen (or other package management tool) or Manually. (see below)

When the plugin is installed, you can create a new blog entry using:


This will insert the template file in the file you are editing and switch the filetype to drowmark which automatically activates the drowmark syntax highlighting. This filetype is also activated when the extension of the file is .wp. The template contains all the information needed to fill the configuration part.

When the blog entry is finished, it is possible to post in WordPress with the following command:


This will ask for the username and the password before publishing the post in WordPress.

Upload Images

All the URLs of the images are checked. If the URL of the image is a relative path to a local image, it's uploaded automagically and the URL is changed to the uploaded media file URL.


Installation could be done using a plugin manager or manually.

Manual installation

Copy the directories in you .vim folder and you are done. Keep the directories in the correct order. For example, put all the files in ftplugin folder inside .vim/ftplugin and so on.

Plugin manager installation

Most of the plugin managers, like Vundle (I recommend this one) are able to download the code of the plugin from gitHub and install it correctly, putting the directory tree under .vim/bundle/droWMark directory.


It is necessary to have Vim compiled with +python option.

Dependencies for the python script are:

  • Panflute package, wich also depends on Pandoc
    pip install panflute

  • Wordpress XML RPC
    pip install python_wordpress_xmlrpc

  • ConfigParser package
    pip install configparser


Vim independent

It keeps python code as separate as possible from VIM. Python code is also callable from outside with the same functionality. VIM is only an interface to insert the parameters correctly.

Useful links for writing plugins