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numeric-extras error on Windows #1

fegu opened this Issue · 9 comments

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I have installed numeric-extras-0.0.3 on Windows.
When I start ghci and type:
import Numeric.Extras
fmod 5.0 1.0
Loading package numeric-extras-0.0.3 ... linking ... : C:\Users\syv
o: unknown symbol _expm1'
ghc.exe: unable to load package

This error is also holding up the install and use of the library diagrams as it depends on numerical-extras. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or help you find this error?


I wonder if this is related at all?


@byorgey: sounds right

@fegu: I'd happily take a patch that resolves the issue. I just don't know what the right solution is if mingw is shipping blatantly broken libraries for us to link to.


If I'm reading it correctly, the tail end of that ticket seems to indicate that currently one can just drop the extra-libraries: m from the cabal file on MinGW. @fegu, if you do that does it build correctly? If so, I can put conditional compilation flags in the cabal file.


I don't quite follow. I did not have MinGW ( installed. I downloaded and installed, but no difference. Is MinGW required? Anyway, which cabal file do you mean? There is no mingw on hackage, so no cabal install mingw, and no cabal file for mingw. The cabal file for numeric-extras at has only base as a dependency (?)

Please elaborate, and I will try to help out (but I am not well versed in the cabal innards).


@fegu I was looking through the issue that byorgey linked and it seemed to indicate the windows build issue was driven by the way mingw handles libm as a stub. It offered some fixes and contradictory evidence about what worked or didn't.

I merely suggested that one of those fixes might work, which would be removing the reference to extra-libraries: m from numeric-extras.cabal. That used to not work, but later posts in the thread indicated it might work now. In the process to paying attention to that I never even looked to se, but as you pointed out, I never had any reference to libm here to begin with!

Want to try adding it in and seeing if it helps then? =)

Beyond that I literally have no idea at this point and I'd be debugging by remote control.

If you can figure out how to build it, I'll happily take a patch.

@ekmett ekmett was assigned

This issue seems to be limited to use within ghci and use in Setup-files (such as in diagrams-contrib). This means that while it does block the install of diagrams-contrib, it does not block the install of absolutely everything (such as diagrams-svg etc) that references numeric-extras. By avoiding ghci and doing without diagrams-contrib I am getting my task done for now.


Yes, I would be keen to get this working. I'm using which requires diagrams-builder-cairo. This has a dependency on numeric-extras but also invokes ghci. The result is the org-babel-diagrams won't run on Windows at the moment


I am curious if this will be fixed by switching to ghc HEAD. I'll have @thoughtpolice crashing on my couch this week for ICFP, maybe I can get him to take a crack at it.

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