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This is an attempt at implementing a simple OS for the IA-32 architecture. Supporting files (like Makefiles) use Mac OS specific commands.

It uses a i586-elf-gcc crosscompiler (read more), Bochs and QEMU for emulation and Doxygen and Graphviz for documentation.

To install QEMU, Doxygen and Graphviz, simply run brew install qemu doxygen graphviz with Homebrew installed.

Run the following commands in the root directory:

  • To compile, run make.
  • To run in QEMU, type make run-qemu, for Bochs run make run-bochs.
  • To copy the OS to a floppy disk /dev/diskX, type DISK=X make copy (sudo password needed, show progress with Ctrl+T).
  • To create documentation, run make docs.

Implemented features

  • flat memory model (GDT)
  • printf-esque output
  • CPU info (CPUID)
  • interrupts (IDT, PIC, ISRs)
  • system clock & speaker driver (PIT)
  • keyboard & mouse driver (PS/2)
  • multiboot info
  • userspace multitasking (TSS)
  • ELF GRUB modules
  • memory manager (PMM, VMM, MMU)
  • Syscalls
  • Virtual 8086 Mode