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Unofficial GitLab client for Android
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GitLab for Android Google Play

This is the source code for the unofficial GitLab Android app.

Please see the issues section to report any bugs or feature requests and to see the list of known issues.





To build the project create a file called 'signing.gradle' in the 'app' directory. It should contain your signing information as below.

android {
    signingConfigs { 
        release {
            storeFile file("..")
            storePassword ".."
            keyAlias ".."
            keyPassword ".."

Then execute 'gradlew assembleRelease' in the project's root directory. If everthing went fine, the APK file can be found in 'pathtoproject/app/build/outputs/apk'


This project uses many open source libraries such as:


Please fork this repository and contribute back using pull requests.

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