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Repository for Elastic.Clients.Elasticsearch the official .NET client for Elasticsearch. Older branches include both previous clients, NEST and Elasticsearch.Net.

The .NET client for Elasticsearch provides strongly typed requests and responses for Elasticsearch APIs. It delegates protocol handling to the Elastic.Transport library, which takes care of all transport-level concerns (HTTP connection establishment and pooling, retries, etc.).


Language clients are forward compatible; meaning that clients support communicating with greater or equal minor versions of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch language clients are only backwards compatible with default distributions and without guarantees made.


Elasticsearch 8.x Clusters

We are actively working on the next generation of the .NET client for Elasticsearch, which aligns with v8 of Elasticsearch. We have renamed this library Elastic.Clients.Elasticsearch, and the packages are published on NuGet. The new client is in pre-release with beta versions available to install. We do not recommend using the pre-release versions in production.

Until the GA release of the new client, you may continue to use the latest 7.17.x client to communicate with Elasticsearch v8 servers. Please review our documentation, which describes how to enable compatibility mode and secure communications with a v8 cluster.

Elasticsearch 7.x Clusters

We recommend using the latest 7.17.x client to communicate with Elasticsearch v7 servers.


Please refer to the full documentation on for comprehensive information.



Copyright and License

This software is Copyright (c) 2014-2022 by Elasticsearch BV.

This is free software, licensed under The Apache License Version 2.0.