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The official Go client for Elasticsearch.

Download the latest version of Elasticsearch or sign-up for a free trial of Elastic Cloud.

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Starting from version 8.12.0, this library follow the Go language policy. Each major Go release is supported until there are two newer major releases. For example, Go 1.5 was supported until the Go 1.7 release, and Go 1.6 was supported until the Go 1.8 release.


Language clients are forward compatible; meaning that clients support communicating with greater or equal minor versions of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch language clients are only backwards compatible with default distributions and without guarantees made.

When using Go modules, include the version in the import path, and specify either an explicit version or a branch:

require v8.0.0
require 7.17

It's possible to use multiple versions of the client in a single project:

// go.mod v7.17.0 v8.0.0

// main.go
import (
  elasticsearch7 ""
  elasticsearch8 ""
// ...
es7, _ := elasticsearch7.NewDefaultClient()
es8, _ := elasticsearch8.NewDefaultClient()

The main branch of the client is compatible with the current master branch of Elasticsearch.


Refer to the Installation section of the getting started documentation.


Refer to the Connecting section of the getting started documentation.



The esutil package provides convenience helpers for working with the client. At the moment, it provides the esutil.JSONReader() and the esutil.BulkIndexer helpers.


The _examples folder contains a number of recipes and comprehensive examples to get you started with the client, including configuration and customization of the client, using a custom certificate authority (CA) for security (TLS), mocking the transport for unit tests, embedding the client in a custom type, building queries, performing requests individually and in bulk, and parsing the responses.


This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license. See NOTICE.