Javascript library for managing 2d drawing through html 5 element canvas
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javascript library for managing 2d drawing through html 5 element canvas. Canvas2d it's an ease and friendly way of taking advantages of the great features of html 5 context 2d canvas. This library was intended particularly for who is thinking, or already did, moving from Flash actionscript to javascript and context 2d canvas, as well as I did.

Browser Support

Canvas2d has been tested and should work in

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera


I just begin to set it free so, for right now, there isn't much to show. Some example and a draft documentation can be found at


Canvas2d it's subdivided into 4 main objects:

  • Stage
  • Sprite
  • DisplayObjects
  • Tweener

and a separated object Colors in wich are placed some utils for converting and manage colors.

Stage is the first object to be instantiated, require 3 parameters and a fourth optional.

  • container - The div element in wich place all the subsequent layer ( Sprite )
  • width - The horizontal length
  • height - The vertical length
  • enableevent - A boolean defining if enable the loop listener for interaction

Sprite basically the layer ( HTML5 canvas context 2d ) with an optional parameter.

  • name - The name given to the element
  • enableevent - A boolean defining if enable the loop listener for interaction

DisplayObjects is where the actual drawing it's made. It has several methods and constructor for managing the basics shapes and picture.

  • line - a straight line
  • rect - a simple rectangle
  • rectRound - a rounded rectangle
  • polygon - a free polygon shape
  • shape - a free shape
  • text - a line of text
  • img - an image
  • clip - a collection of cut from a given image

Tweener is a collection of methods useful to edit in time every property of basic shapes, sprite and stage.

  • addTweener - the main method, takes the target element required , the parameters to transition and a few optional parameters.

duration - the actual duration in milliseconds - required

ease - the type of transition, there is a collection of 41 different types

onStart - a function to be executed once first start

onTween - a function to be executed while the transition take action

onEnd - a function to be executed once the transition ends

Some simple example


var stage=new Canvas2d.Stage("container",560,300,true);


var sprite=new Canvas2d.Sprite("mysprite");


var myobj=new Canvas2d.DisplayObjects("myobj");


var tween=new Canvas2d.Tweener();


Canvas2d is released under MIT license.


Canvas2d javascript library was created by Fabio Fantini. You can contact me at