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ghost commented Jul 7, 2014

Hi again!

As you library seems to be the only available library for Java (there are one or two apart, but those are not being updated more) when we talk about MediaWiki API (i.e., not through database dump), I did keep testing you library.

Are you thinking to introduce a way to work with the revisions?

Search for Wikitext in various pages? Seems that now they introduced the CirrusSearch and its able to do search with regular expressions (see, but I don't known ifs available through the rest API.

Those features would be interesting for example, in the area of anti-vandalism.

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eldur commented Jul 8, 2014

Hi guiwp,

good point, but actually I have a few other plans instead of adding search entities, but if you want to help it seems not very difficult. (Else I have to schedule this task for later.)

See: (search for "Perform a full text search.")

Maybe like this:

public class Search extends TitleQuery<SearchResult> {
Get searchRequest = new ApiRequestBuilder().action("query") //
        .formatJson() //
        .paramNewContinue(mediaWikiVersion) //
        .param("list", "search") //
        .param("srsearch", "wikipedia") //
        .param("srbackend", "CirrusSearch") // or LuceneSearch
// &srsearch=wikipedia&srbackend=CirrusSearch&format=json&continue=-||

public class SearchResult {
  final int namespace;
  final String title;
  final String snippet;

At you can find an example how to map any json response.

ghost commented Jul 8, 2014

Good answer, I found very simple and effective to start testing adding stuff into the code. But anyway, I feel that I can wait (as you said Else I have to schedule this task for later).

Thank you again :)

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fhocutt commented Aug 1, 2014

I'm interested in adding a search function as described here.

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@gerhardgossen @eldur gerhardgossen + Implements search query in Wiki content
Task: #18
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Task: #18
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Task: #18
eldur commented Dec 13, 2014

@guiwp have you tried gerhardgossen implementation? Actual without a toggle for srbackend but maybe enough?

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