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iOSKit is a Cocoa Touch UI library with easy-to-use custom controls, that needs no custom graphics for default usage.


Quick Start

  1. Add Git submodule to your project: git submodule add git:// iOSKit
  2. Add cross-project reference by dragging iOSKit.xcodeproj to your project
  3. Open build settings editor for your project
  4. Add the following Header Search Paths (including the quotes): "$(SOURCE_ROOT)/iOSKit/Build"
  5. Open target settings editor for the target you want to link iOSKit into
  6. Add direct dependency on the iOSKit aggregate target
  7. Link against required frameworks:
    1. CoreGraphics.framework
    2. CoreText.framework
  8. Link against iOSKit:
    1. libiOSKit.a
  9. Import the iOSKit headers via #import <iOSKit/iOSKit.h>
  10. Build the project to verify installation is successful.


Forks, patches and other feedback are always welcome.


iOSKit is supported by Yarik Smirnov and Mobile Team of e-Legion

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