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Create Elm programs that run in browsers!
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Elm in the Browser!

This package allows you to create Elm programs that run in browsers.

Learning Path

I highly recommend working through to learn how to use Elm. It is built around a learning path that introduces concepts gradually.

You can see the outline of that learning path in the Browser module. It lets you create Elm programs with the following functions:

  1. sandbox — react to user input, like buttons and checkboxes
  2. element — talk to the outside world, like HTTP and JS interop
  3. document — control the <title> and <body>
  4. application — create single-page apps

This order works well because important concepts and techniques are introduced at each stage. If you jump ahead, it is like building a house by starting with the roof! So again, work through to see examples and really understand how Elm works!

This order also works well because it mirrors how most people introduce Elm at work. Start small. Try using Elm in a single element in an existing JavaScript project. If that goes well, try doing a bit more. Etc.

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