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This plugin allows for easy secret decoding. Useful if you want to see what's inside of a secret without always go through the following:

  1. kubectl get secret <secret> -o yaml
  2. Copy base64 encoded secret
  3. echo "b64string" | base64 -d

Instead you can now do:

# print secret keys
kubectl view-secret <secret>

# decode specific entry
kubectl view-secret <secret> <key>

# decode all contents
kubectl view-secret <secret> -a/--all

# print keys for secret in different namespace
kubectl view-secret <secret> -n/--namespace <ns>

# print keys for secret in different context
kubectl view-secret <secret> -c/--context <ctx>

# print keys for secret by providing kubeconfig
kubectl view-secret <secret> -k/--kubeconfig <cfg>

# suppress info output
kubectl view-secret <secret> -q/--quiet



This plugin is available through krew via kubectl krew install view-secret.

Binary releases


You can find the latest binaries in the releases section.
To install it, place it somewhere in your $PATH for kubectl to pick it up.

Note: If you build from source or download the binary, you'll have to change the name of the binary to kubectl-view_secret (- to _ in view-secret) due to the enforced naming convention for plugins by kubectl. More on this here.

AUR package

You can find the latest package description for Arch users here.

Contribution by @jocelynthode

Build from source

# Clone this repository (or your fork)
git clone
cd kubectl-view-secret


This repository is available under the MIT license.