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This project uses GitHub Actions for continuous integration. This project uses for visual regression testing.

Ember API Docs

This project contains only the API docs portion of If you're looking for the rest of the site, see the website and guides repositories.

There are many pieces that together create the Ember API docs site:


New contributors are welcome! This project is maintained by an all-volunteer team, and we are thankful for your help.

The best way to get started is to find an issue labeled "good first issue" or "help wanted." If you have questions or want a buddy to pair with, drop by the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Ember Community Discord. Like most open-source projects, contributors are encouraged to open an issue to propose changes and iterate on ideas before investing time in coding. Some tips for working with git/GitHub can be found in Making your first pull request in the Guides repository.

Please also see

Quickstart to run semi-locally

Follow these instructions to run the app using publically available online data. You do not need to run ember-jsonapi-docs locally yourself.

git clone
cd ember-api-docs
npm install
ember serve

View at http://localhost:4200

a11y testing

To run a11y tests, run test_a11y=yes ember serve


  • npm run lint:hbs
  • npm run lint:js
  • npm run lint:js -- --fix

Staging and Deployment

See the guide for instructions.


Cross-browser testing provided by: