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Ember Website

The website for the Ember.js project.


To get started:

git clone git://
cd website
bundle exec middleman

Then visit http://localhost:4567/

Note: unless you're working with the API docs, don't use rake preview—use middleman (aka middleman server) instead.

To populate organizers data from on http://localhost:4567/meetups

  • get a meetup API Key
  • run the following rake command
rake findorganizers [force=true]

The force=true flag will overwrite all existing organizer data

API Documentation

You can preview api documentation, by generating docs from the source code. Clone the three repositories, then from project executing the specific tasks to build the docs locally.

  • For the ember.js and website projects a rake task will build the docs
  • For the data project the yuidocjs npm library is required to build docs

Node, npm, Ruby, bundler are required to preview documentation locally

The repositories for ember.js, data and the website need to be located in the same directory:


Notice that the name of the data project needs to use ember-data not data

In the website directory execute bundle exec rake generate_docs

You can launch the website via bundle exec middleman to preview the generated docs.


If the bundle command fails to run, you may need to upgrade your Ruby version. The Ember.js website build requires 1.9.3 or newer (2.0.0 recommended). You can use RVM to install it:

curl -L | bash -s stable
rvm install 2.0.0
rvm use 2.0.0

Troubleshooting tips for Windows devs

For Windows developers using RubyInstaller, you'll need to download the DevKit and install it using instructions:

After you have a proper install, you can then run:

gem install bundler wdm tzinfo-data
gem update listen middleman

Once Middleman comes up, you'll be prompted by Windows Firewall. Click "Allow access" and you'll be in business!

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