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emoncms backup module
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Emoncms backup export and import tool for backup and migration

  • Export a compressed archive containing Emoncms Inputs, Feed data, Dashboards & config

  • Backup contains the Emoncms MYSQL database, phpfina, phptimeseries data files, emonhub.conf and emoncms.conf

  • Import compressed archive into another Emoncms account

User Guide

Backup module User Guide

Via Emoncms module web interface (see video screencast guide) or manual (see below for manual instructions):



Install this module within your emoncms usr folder:

cd /usr/emon/emoncms_modules
git clone

Symlink the sub-folder called backup-module to your emoncms Modules directory:

cd backup
ln -s $PWD/backup-module /var/www/emoncms/Modules/backup

Run backup module installation script to modify php.ini and setup uploads folder
(Set $usrdir to your usr directory above e.g /usr/emon):

./ $usrdir


Make a copy of default.config.cfg called config.cfg. Set the paths in config.cfg to match your system.

Manual Export Instructions

  1. Configure paths in config.cfg to match your system
  2. Run ./

Manual Import Instructions

If importing large backup files browser upload method may fail. In this case follow:

  1. Configure paths in config.cfg to match your system
  2. Copy emoncms-backup-xxx.tar.gz backup file to $usrdir/data/uploads or whatever you have set as data_source_path in config.cfg to be
  3. Run ./
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