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Task module

Status: beta (testing)

An emonCMS module that allows to create Process Lists that get triggered at specific times (aka Tasks). It consist in an UI accessible through emonCMS and a cron task that run the task that are due.


As any other module: clone this repository in the Modules directory of your emonCMS installation and update database. You also need to update your emonCMS from here: emonCMS with Task Module support


  • Create tasks
  • Specify frequency for running the task: only once, once a month or every certain number of weeks, days, hours or minutes
  • Set Next Run date and time manually
  • Enable/ disable tasks
  • Run a task with one click (even if it is disabled and without updating the Next Run date and time)
  • New process to check when a feed or input was last updated
  • New processes for getting inputid and feedid (should go before any of the processes in the previous bullet)

Task Cron setup

The aim of the Task Module is to run the tasks automatically when they are enabled and it is the time to do so. The script tasks_cron.php is the one that runs them. It is intended to be a cron job (Linux) or a scheduled task (Windows) so that the schedule can be run periodically.

To add the cron entry to crontab manually, first open crontab with:

sudo crontab -e

Then add the following line:

* * * * * php /var/www/emoncms/Modules/task/task_cron.php >> /var/log/emoncms-task.log

This assumes your emonCMS installation is in /var/www/emoncms. The cron job checks every 5s (or different if $task_cron_frequency defined in settings.php) for tasks that need to be run. Note: ensure permissions for lockfile are 666

Future developments (who knows when)

  • Add group support: this would allow access to group user's feeds. Useful for calculating aggregation feeds (this can currently be done from groups module view)