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This repo contains a simple client for sending commands and receive data from an Empatica E4 using Empatica BLE Server
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Sample client for E4 streaming server


E4 streaming server is a Windows application that can connect to multiple Empatica E4 devices using Bluetooth and stream data to multiple TCP clients.


  • Clone/download this repository

  • Open it and, if needed, check the address and port where your E4 streaming server instance is running. You can adjust these constants in "AsynchronousClient.cs" file

    private const string ServerAddress = "";
    private const int ServerPort = 28000;
  • Run the EmpaticaBLEClient solution

Start the client

  • Check that the E4 streaming server is running

  • Press ENTER and you should see a confirmation message

      Socket connected to
  • You can start sending commands

Connect to a device and receive data

Protocol example

In these code snippets, the first row is the sent commands, the second one an example of received data

R device_list 2 | 9ff167 Empatica_E4 | 740163 Empatica_E4

device_connect 9ff167
R device_connect OK

device_subscribe bvp ON
R device_subscribe bvp OK

device_subscribe gsr ON
R device_subscribe gsr OK

After each subscription, you'll start to receive data in real time:

E4_Bvp 123345627891.123 31.128

When you want to stop receiving data, simply disconnect the device or send

device_disconnect OK

System requirements

The application can be run on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

If you need any additional information about the E4 streaming server for Windows, please check the official documentation.

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