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EMQ Technologies

Open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider


  1. emqx Public

    The most scalable open-source MQTT broker for IoT, IIoT, and connected vehicles

    Erlang 11.4k 2k

  2. A Kubernetes Operator for EMQX

    Go 148 45

  3. MQTTX Public

    Powerful cross-platform MQTT 5.0 Desktop, CLI, and WebSocket client tools

    TypeScript 2.5k 335

  4. neuron Public

    Open source industrial IoT connectivity server

    C 576 129

  5. nanomq Public

    An ultra-lightweight and blazing-fast MQTT broker for IoT edge

    C 795 103

  6. quic Public

    QUIC protocol for Erlang & Elixir

    Erlang 155 31




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