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Stablecoin loans for borderless peer-to-peer credit
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Enable is a “Kiva for Dai” that allows lenders to make peer-to-peer stablecoin microloans to emerging market borrowers. Our first product is a peer-to-peer crowdloan kit.

We are an open source volunteer project that grew out of the open finance hackathon in May 2019. We are currently funded by a 3-month grant from Binance Labs.

This repo is mainly for project management and product-related discussions. See our workstreams for development work.

Mailing List:



In line with the open source ethos of decentralized finance, we are committed to building in public. See the contributor instructions in the individual repos.

Workstream Github Contributor Instructions
Enable Crowdloan Contracts repo instructions
Enable Crowdloan UI repo instructions
Proof-of-concept fundraise Ines Fund


Phase 1 (June - Aug 2019)

Phase 2

  • Open to ideas - debt tokens, collateralized loans, interest rate auctions, social credit

About Enable


Value add

Enable makes use of smart contracts and stablecoins to automate the operations required to do a cross-border peer-to-peer loan.

Status Quo Enable Loan Contracts
Cross-border Costs Incurs forex, transfer and bank fees as it goes through the cross-border banking system $0, uses stablecoins
Accounting Effort Team of diligent accountants required to manage fractional loan ownership and allocation of repayments streams 0 headcount, automated through smart contracts
Transparency Loan repayment data is usually opaque or subject to time delays Fully transparent ledger
Composability Investment bankers, auditors, legal contracts required to package it into derivatives (e.g. bonds, CLOs) Fully programmable smart contract

Future Directions

  • Debt Tokens
  • Marketplace
  • Collateralized loans: identity-collateralized loans
  • Sophisticated loan types: PMT
  • Sophisticated payment tracking
  • interest rate auctions
  • Derivative products (e.g. collateralized loan obligations) to try to create investment-grade products
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