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mobile phone app for encointer ceremonies and wallet
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mobile phone app for encointer ceremonies and wallet

Build Instructions

  1. Install Android Studio (We will assume the SDK is installed to ~/Android/Sdk)
  2. Install NDK from Tools -> SDK Manager -> Tab: SDK Tools -> NDK (we will assume the NDK is installed to ~/Android/Sdk/ndk)
  3. install rust toolchain:
    curl -sSf | sh
    rustup toolchain install nightly
  4. add toolchains
    rustup target add aarch64-linux-android armv7-linux-androideabi i686-linux-android --toolchain nigthly
  5. add the following to ~/.cargo/config
    ar = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/aarch64-linux-android-ar"
    linker = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/aarch64-linux-android21-clang"
    ar = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-ar"
    linker = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/armv7a-linux-androideabi16-clang"
    ar = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/i686-linux-android-ar"
    linker = "/home/<user>/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/i686-linux-android16-clang"
  6. add path
    export PATH=~/Android/Sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin:$PATH
  1. build native library
  2. In studio, Choose "Open an existing Anroid Studio project"
  3. If needed, sync Gradle file
  4. Build
  5. Run on Android device (simulator does not work with Android Nearby)


run node

Somewhere in your local WiFi accessible network, run

substrate --dev --ws-external

We'll assume your node's IP is

send extrinsic from app


Android Studio

Version: 3.4

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