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Encointer-node is the implementation of the blockchain. Use this together with the mobile phone app encointer mobile app

The cli client is based on substrate-api-client The Trusted Execution version for Testnet Cantillon is on branch sgx-master based on substraTEE project.


Install Rust:

curl -sSf | sh

Install required tools:


Build the node:

cargo build --release

Run Dev Node

You can start a development chain with:

export RUST_LOG=INFO,parity_ws=WARN,sc_basic_authorship=warn,aura=warn,encointer=debug
./target/release/encointer-node-notee --dev --enable-offchain-indexing true

Offchain-indexing is needed for the custom rpc encointer_getAllCommunities. If you don't want it, omit the flag. --rpc-methods unsafe is needed for the bazaar's business and offering aggregation rpcs.

Additional CLI usage options are available and may be shown by running ./target/release/encointer-node-notee --help.

Run Testnet Gesell Node

Join our testnet as a full node with

./target/release/encointer-node-notee --chain gesellv4SpecRaw.json --name giveyournodeaname

CLI client

We currently have limited support for the polkadot-js apps UI. Encointer comes with a cli application instead that supports all interactions with the chain

Run Client

encointer-node/client> cargo build --release
encointer-node/client> ../target/release/encointer-client-notee transfer //Alice 5GziKpBELV7fuYNy7quQfWGgVARn8onchS86azuPQkFj9nEZ 1000000
encointer-node/client> ../target/release/encointer-client-notee list_participant_registry
encointer-node/client> ../target/release/encointer-client-notee list_meetup_registry
encointer-node/client> ../target/release/encointer-client-notee list_witnesses_registry
encointer-node/client> ../target/release/encointer-client-notee --help

The master of ceremony can play fast-forward for demo purposes (ceremonies only happen ~monthly. not good for demos)

encointer-node/client> ./encointer-client-notee next_phase

To run a full demo (you may need to fix ports in the scripts if you change them):

encointer-node/client> ./

Grow Bot Community

Assuming a local node is running with default ports:

pip3 install random_word pyproj geojson
# in first terminal, do this to accelerate phase progress
./ --idle-blocks 3
# in second terminal, launch faucet service
# in third terminal, populate your bot community
./ init
./ benchmark

Web UI

There is no fully featured UI yet, but you can use polkadot-js apps. This allows you to explore chain state but it doesn't support all types of extrinsic parameters needed. Use our CLI client instead.

Mobile App

The PoC1 Android App doesn't work with this release anymore, but you can watch progress at encointer-app



For benchmarking a new pallet you need to do the following:

  1. Add the new pallet to be benchmarked to the define_benchmarks! macro in the runtime.
  2. Make sure you enable the pallet's benchmark by enabling its runtime-benchmark feature in the runtime's toml.
  3. Compile the node with --features runtime-benchmarks
  4. Add it to the benchmark script: ./scripts/

This will automatically generate the new/updated weight file in ./runtime/src/weights.