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Tab Center Redux

Your favorite vertical tabbed browsing add-on, now compatible with Firefox 57+. Install the extension.


Open the sidebar by clicking on the toolbar icon or with the following hotkeys:

  • Ctrl+Shift+O on Windows
  • +Shift+O on macOS
  • F1 on Linux

Help localize the project!

You can contribute by helping translate Tab Center Redux on Crowdin.
Can't find your own language? Open an issue!


How can I contribute?

You need to have a recent version of node.

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Install the dependencies with npm i.

  3. Run npm run dev and start hacking! Here is a list of some things you could work on.

    If you don’t have Firefox Release installed, WEB_EXT_FIREFOX=nightly npm run dev or WEB_EXT_FIREFOX=beta npm run dev should work much better.


Basic functional tests can be run by opening the extension's debug console (in about:debugging) and executing tabCenter.startTests() (in the sidebar document).