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License CC-0 Version 1.5.0 Mockups iPhone | iPad | Apple Watch | Mac

Pomme Plate is a collection of flat mockups you can use, remix, transform and share. You don't need to credit me in any way and you can use the work for commercial purpose.

Pomme Plate means "Flat Apple" in French.


Head over to releases to get the latest version.


All mockups are available in SVG and PNG and Sketch project files. You can tweak the colors if necessary.

Older, obsolete devices are not included in the overview, but are available in the release archive.


Pomme Plate iPhone overview


iPhone X/XS (Max)/11 Pro (Max) appear bigger than they should be, since they have a higher density than other iPhones (458ppi). They should be 29% smaller to match the size of iPhone SE and iPhone XR/11 (326 ppi).

This logic also applies to older iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus. They have a 2208×1242 viewport downsampled to 1920×1080. Keeping the original screen resolution let you add screenshots, but requires to reduce the size of the whole thing (mockup + screenshot) by about 13.1%. Then, to match the physical size of other iPhones, they need to be further reduce by about 19%. TL;DR: You need to reduce the size of any "Plus" iPhone by roughly 30%.


Pomme Plate iPad overview


The iPad Mini (326 ppi) is about 19% smaller than other iPads (264 ppi).

Apple Watch

Pomme Plate iMac overview


Pomme Plate MacBook overview


Pomme Plate iMac overview

License and credits


Pomme Plate mockups (SVG, PNG and sketch project files) are licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License. See LICENSE for more details.


The rudimentary Pomme Plate logo is licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0 License.

The typeface used by the logo is named Quicksand.