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JMeter Extensions
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JMeter Extensions


JMeter interface

{_wsPut(set_name, object, weight)} Put object with weight into weighted set set_name.

{_wsPut(set_name)} Get object from weighted set set_name.

{_wsPop(set_name)} Pop object from weighted set set_name.

{_wsClear(set_name)} Clear weighted set set_name.

Java interface

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.putObject(String name, Object o, int w) put object o into set name with weight w

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.getObject(String name) get object from set name

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.popObject(String name) pop object from set name

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.clear(String name)clear set name

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.clearAll()clear all sets

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.put(String name, String o, int w) put string i into set name with weight w

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.get(String name) get String from set name

me.schiz.engine.WeightedSetSingleton.instance.pop(String name) pop String from set name

ABQ (ArrayBlockingQueue)

JMeter interface

${__ABQCreate(queue_name, capacity, fair_ordering)} Create BlockingQueue with capacity (integer value) and fair ordering (optional, default is false). Fair ordering make context switch when you use Put / Take methods.

${__ABQPut(queue_name, object)} Put string-object into blocking queue queue_name.

${__ABQTake(queue_name)} Take string-object from blocking queue queue_name.

Java interface

me.schiz.engine.ABQSingleton.instance.createQueue(String name, int capacity, boolean far) Create ABQ with name, capacity and fair

me.schiz.engine.ABQSingleton.instance.put(String name, Object o) Put java.lang.Object into name queue

me.schiz.engine.ABQSingleton.instance.take(String name) Take java.lang.Object from name queue

me.schiz.engine.ABQSingleton.instance.size(String name) Get size of name queue

me.schiz.engine.ABQSingleton.instance.clear(String name) Clear name queue

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