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Node server library for ChuckT events over SockJS websocket API.
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ChuckT node module

ChuckT-node is a node server component for triggering and/or listening to events over the SockJS websocket API. This client is intended to be used in conjunction with the client-side ChuckT JavaScript library:



The recommended way to install chuckt-node is through npm:

npm install chuckt


ChuckT instances require a socket connection:

var sockjs = require('sockjs');
var chuckt = require('chuckt');

var sock = sockjs.createServer();
sock.on('connection', function(conn) {
  var chuckt = new ChuckT(conn);
  // ... do chuckt stuff like add listeners or emit events

Emit an event to the frontend

chuckt.emit('some-event', 'bar');

Listen to events fired from the frontend

Any number of arguments and even a callback can be passed with events. The callback is essentially just a proxy to a callback that is defined (and executed) on the frontend:

chuckt.on('another-event', function(arg1, arg2, callback) {
  // ... do stuff with arguments

Some events may only pass a callback:

chuckt.on('another-event-2', function(callback) {
  // ... do stuff without arguments

You may want to pass arguments back to the frontend's callback:

chuckt.on('another-event-3', function(callback) {
  // ... do stuff without arguments
  callback('dear frontend', 'you may find these arguments compelling');

And sometimes, your event may not come with any arguments nor a callback:

chuckt.on('another-event-4', function() {
  // ... do stuff without ever acknowledging receipt
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