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AML Actions

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Action Description
add, AddItem :arrow_right: Add the Item as an instance of an ItemType.
BuildProcessReport Builds an HTML-formatted report for a workflow process
:no_entry: checkImportedItemType Removed in v11
copy :arrow_right: Used when copying relationships in the relationships grid
copyAsIs, copyAsNew :arrow_right: Used with the Save As... menu item
create This will act as a get if the Item exists, otherwise acts as an add.
delete Delete all versions of the Item. The purge and delete are the same for non-versioned items.
edit :arrow_right: This will lock, update, and unlock the Item.
EvaluateActivity :arrow_right:
:no_entry: exportItemType Removed in Aras v11
get, GetItemConfig, recache :arrow_right: Gets the Item(s) and its configuration based on the AML Item configuration used to query the database. Originally, getItemConfig was optimized by limiting the logic done between the SQL call and the AML result. This is no longer true
getAffectedItems Returns a flat list of all items that reference a particular item. Similar to the getItemWhereUsed; however, this method will return the relationship item associated with an item while the where used action does not <Item type="Part" id="..." action="getAffectedItems" />
GetInheritedServerEvents (:heavy_plus_sign: Added in Aras v11)
getItemAllVersions Get all versions (i.e. generations) of an item. It requires an id attribute and does not respect the select attribute. Another way to do this is to search for generations > 0.
:no_entry: getHistoryItems Obsolete in 9.3
getItemLastVersion :arrow_right:
getItemNextStates :arrow_right: Returns a list of Life Cycle Transition items representing the transitions that the authenticated user has permissions to perform.
getItemRelationships <Item type="Part" relName="Part BOM" id="xxx"> -> <Item type="Part BOM" action="get"><source_id>xxx</source_id></Item>
GetItemRepeatConfig :arrow_right: This will allow deep recursive queries and is useful in multi-Part BOM's with repeating relationships.
getItemWhereUsed :arrow_right:
:no_entry: GetMappedPath :arrow_right: Removed in Aras v11sp12
getPermissions :arrow_right:
getRelatedItem Given AML of the form <Item><related_id type="relType">xxx</related_id></Item>, performs a get of <Item type="relType" id="xxx" />
GetUpdateInfo :arrow_right:
instantiateWorkflow :arrow_right:
lock This will lock the Item and is the same as the Item.lockItem() IOM method.
merge This will act as an edit if the Item exists, otherwise acts as an add.
New Workflow Map
promoteItem :arrow_right: Promotes the item to the new state specified by the state property.
purge Delete the version of the Item.
resetAllItemsAccess, resetItemAccess Resets the permission_id of the item to the default for the item type.
resetLifecycle Resets the life cycle to the initial state. Only can be called by root or administrator
setDefaultLifecycle Resets the life cycle to the initial state of the default life cycle map defined in the item type configuration.
startWorkflow :arrow_right:
unlock This will lock the Item and is the same as the Item.unlockItem() method.
update :arrow_right: Updates the Item. It is important to note, that the Item must be locked. Also, if the Item is versionable and is being updated for the first time since being locked, the update versions the Item and applies the update to the new version, unless the version="0" attribute is specified, which disables the versioning.
VaultServerEvent (:heavy_plus_sign: Added in Aras v11)
version :arrow_right: Creates a new version of an item. The new item remains locked.

Core Aras Methods

Action Description
ES_Search :arrow_right:
GetCurrentUserIdentities :arrow_right:
GetItemsForStructureBrowser :arrow_right: Gets the structure browser data
GetPermissionsClause :arrow_right: (:heavy_plus_sign: Added in Aras v11sp12)
ODataRequestConvert :arrow_right:
qry_ExecuteQueryDefinition :arrow_right: (:heavy_plus_sign: Added in Aras v11sp12) Execute a query-builder query
Run Report :arrow_right: Run a report
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