Project 1999 (Titanium) classic 640x480 skin UI.
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A theme UI built for Project 1999 (Titanium) to look like the classic 640x480 interface.

This is mostly programmed by faBBe and dualentity. Some minor tweaks & fixes need to be done.


  • Place the "classic" folder in the "(EQpath)/uifiles" folder.
  • Go in game and open "Options > Display > Video Modes", and change your display size to 640x480.
  • In game, use the command "/loadskin classic 0".
  • In game, use the command "/viewport 119 0 400 320".
  • Press I to open inventory to make the persona icon appear.
  • Copy "UI_CharName_P1999.ini" to your "(EQpath)" and replace "CharName" with your characters name.