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# Author: Eric Blue
# 	url   =
#   email = ericblue76 (at) gmail (dot) com
# Project: STEM - Samsung TV Enhanced Messaging


I recently discovered that a number of Samsung TVs support messaging (Application -> Home Network Center).
Samsung allows supported DLNA (uPnP) phones to send messages to the TV that include:

   * SMS messages
   * Incoming call notifications
   * Schedule reminders
Luckily some brilliant folks have figured out the SOAP-based protocol for allowing any application to send
these messages directly to the TV without the need of a supported phone.   

The goal of this project is to share easily accessible working examples (simple shell scripts for now). 
And, ultimately enable some interesting "Enhanced" messaging by integrating with other services.  

    * View incoming/missed calls in near real-time using Google Voice
    * Notification if friends & family are stopping by using Google Latitude
    * Integrate with SMS gateway services (e.g. Twilio) to receive messages direct from phones

    1) A Samsung TV (model >=2009?) that supports Home Network Center messages
    2) IP-enabled TV (static or DHCP)

Note that I've only tested this on my own Samsung LN46B750 TV.  I'm not sure exactly which models support
this feature.

    * SamyGo Wiki - original protocol documentation -
    * Java App for sending messages -

[Change Log]

- 04/07/12 - Initial release
- 04/09/12 - Added Twilio SMS and call notifiation CGI scripts (Perl)