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Parser for JavaScript

Build Status

Based (loosely) on language-python

Two Versions

There are currently two versions:

  • 0.5 series : Is a continuation of the 0.5.X.Y series, from the [master] ( branch of this github repository.

  • 0.6 series : This has a vastly different and improved AST which makes if far more difficult to build an non-sensical Javascript AST. This code is in the new-ast branch of this github repository.

How to build


cabal clean && cabal configure && cabal build


cabal clean && cabal configure -fbuildtests && cabal build

Running the tests


To debug the grammar

happy -iparse.txt -g -a  -d src/Language/JavaScript/Parser/Grammar5.y

This generates src/Language/JavaScript/Parser/Grammar5.hs, delete this when done with the debug version

UTF8/Unicode version

Alex 3.0 now supports unicode natively, and has been included as a dependency in the cabal file.

Note: The generation of the lexical analyser has been separated out, to remove the install-time dependency on Alex. If any changes need to be made to the lexer, the Lexer.x source lies in src-dev, and the script will invoke Alex with the appropriate directories.