Generate documentation for Erlang projects in the format of
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This is the code used to generate documentation for erlang projects in the format of


Erlang/OTP ≥ R13B04


git clone erldocs.git
cd erldocs.git/
make -j

An escript called erldocs will thus be generated.


Mind the space around the flags!

erldocs  [-o ‹output dir›]  ‹source path›⁺

Calling the script to generate documentation for the application in the current working directory: this documentation will be output to "./doc/erldocs".

./erldocs .

Additional arguments can specify the location to source files to be documented

./erldocs path/to/erlang/otp/lib/* path/to/erlang/erts

You can specify the output directory with the -o flag

./erldocs -o path/to/output path/to/erlang/otp/lib/* path/to/erlang/erts

Include files are automatically found, wherever they are inside my_app

./erldocs my_app/ -o my_app/doc/

To build Erlang|OTP's docs the same way builds them:

./ otp_src_17.0/